Matthew Berlow Criminal Lawyer at Graham Walker Solicitors have had many years of experience in courts regarding allegations of a domestic nature including domestic assault and domestic breach of the peace

Do you need a lawyer to defend you from charges of

  • Domestic assault
  • Domestic disturbance (s38 of the Criminal Justice and licensing Scotland Act 2010)

Some jurisdictions in Scotland now have specialised domestic courts and this is an indication of how seriously such cases are viewed by the authorities.

Such cases can be complicated and need extra care and sensitivity as often people find themselves in court as a result of an alcohol fuelled fight with their partners and the alleged victim after calling the police wish to drop the charges.

These type of cases take on a life of their own despite the wishes of the victim and are very much prosecution led. Often the courts will impose special conditions of bail that parties cannot contact or communicate with each other in any way.

We can assist with such cases and also take steps to have special bail conditions reviewed where possible.

We have much experience defending those accused of domestic offences and countering false allegations made by partners or ex partners.

Call us in confidence if you or someone close to you has been charged with a domestic offence.