If you are under investigation or allegations regarding internet crime against you, get in touch with our solicitors straight away. Internet crime is not only growing fast but continually developing alongside technology advancements which can make cases complex and lengthy. Our highly experienced solicitors deal regularly with complex cases involving large amounts of evidence. We defend clients facing charges for Internet (or Cyber) crime including:

  1. Phishing/Identity Theft
  2. Cyber Stalking
  3. File Theft/ Hijacking
  4. Terrorism-related offences
  5. Copyright Theft (Illegal Downloading)
  6. Malicious Content/Virus Spreading
  7. Pornography Related Offences
  8. Social Media Offences/Cyber Bullying

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As the internet has improved our ability to interact and communicate, so has it become the subject of increased regulation and the conduit for an increasing number of offences from those involving pornography and indecent images to those involving libel and hate-speech, through to technical crimes like illegal downloading and ‘hacking’

Internet Criminal Defence Lawyers

Given the wide range of offences which can be committed on the internet, it is important that you seek out a specialist IT/internet crime law firm.

The law relating to internet offences is in a constant state of flux as courts and Parliament struggle to keep pace with technological change. Sometimes known as ‘internet crime’, ‘cybercrime’ or ‘computer crime’, the pace of change can make it difficult for accused persons to know what the law is at any given moment.

We have can defend our clients against charges of:

  • Cyber-stalking
  • Cyber-bullying
  • Terrorism-related online offences
  • Identity Theft and ‘phishing’
  • Illegal downloading (copyright theft)
  • Hacking
  • Spreading malicious content (viruses and other programs)
  • Offences related to online pornography and indecent images
  • Offences related to social media – libel, bullying and ‘hate speech’ related offences including racist and sectarian speech

This is a fast-growing, serious and sensitive area of law and one which requires expert handling, particularly in relation to pornography and child pornography-related offences.