If you have received a citation to attend court on an assault charge, get in touch with a solicitor straight away. Assault is when you make an approach on someone which is intended to cause harm or puts the victim in a state of alarm. You do not, therefore, have to make physical contact with the complainer. If you have been charged with aggravated assault, this means there is an additional factor along to make the charge a stronger form of assault, such as assault with a weapon, or assault resulting in a severe injury. Additional factors such as racial or sectarian motives can also aggravate the assault. You will be asked what you want to plead at the first hearing. It is therefore strongly advised you receive legal advice before you attend. Get in touch with us straight away. We are highly experienced in both Sheriff Court and High Court cases and have a consulting room adjacent to the Glasgow Sherriff Court in Carlton Place. We can discuss your case with the Procurator Fiscal who can either lessen the charges and in some cases, decide not to progress the case at all.

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